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Imagine for a moment that we were able to develop a civilization where all technology is appropriate, and society’s growth and development are sustainable.  A world where “natural” does not simply mean a return to the 11th century – nor, just wearing organic cotton T-shirts with trendy phrases.

We would have diverse visions of this new civilization – but the bicycle would be integral to our modes of travel in almost all scenarios of the future.

We recognize that this invention, in the second half of the 19th century, of a human-powered, pedal-driven machine was an enduring contribution to transportation.  Not merely the 19th century enthusiasts. Not just the folks who ride around the block in suburbia on weekends.  Not the heroic athletes of the Tour de France.  The bicycle has, and will have, many forms and uses.

It can produce glee and broad smiles in a newly competent 5 year old on her first tricycle.  A bicycle can, under proper circumstance, serve as a commute option.  It can enable us to experience travel in new ways.  Faster than walking, much slower than an automobile – a pace in harmony with an awareness of our journeys.

Stories and Journeys

Much of this blog will be stories – rides and observations from a couple who are attempting to integrate bicycles into our lives.  Part of this blog is musing on the themes in the above paragraphs: visions of a less fossil fuel dependent economy; benefits of a slower pace of life; advantages of integrating healthy exercise into the fabric of getting from here to there…

Like all efforts, there is a catalyst: a desire to share our current journey with friends and colleagues.  We (Joy and Arthur) are about to head off on a two-week bike ride in Northern Italy, a May 2012 ride organized by the Bicycle Adventure Club.