Context – beyond a holiday

First, a note that our only contact with the earthquake of Sunday, May 20 was to be awakened at 4:00 am as our hotel room gently shook. Our sympathy for the people who died from this deadly realignment of the earth. And, sadness for the loss of historic buildings.


May 21

In case it is not obvious, rain is the enemy of bicycle travel.
Especially, cold rain. And so, it was with an increasing sense of gloom that we watched the weather forecast as the predictions of rain became more unambiguous.

The “R-word,” as BAC people call it, began to seep into conversations. In view of some level of illness on our part, the idea of a day or so of wet ridding was horrible.

Fortunately, this section of the ride was around Lake Garda – and there are passenger boats that are the mass transit system of the region. And, some boats accept bicycles for a few extra Euros…

This travel method is sensible given the challenge of constructing wide roads along the sides of the lake. (Bikes do not do well in some of the narrow tunnels.)

So, we managed to survive a day of rain with a boat ride: Riva Del Garda to Gardone Rivera. (It should be noted that bike riders in yellow rain gear resemble the workers in the Paris sewer system… Or, HazMat workers trying to decontaminated a toxic spill…)

Wet Bikers in the Hotel

May 22

Better weather, but still ill health. (Apothecary supplement later.)

So, for some of us, another boat ride: Gardone Rivera to Sirminoe.

We are now in a different land: little German spoken; palm trees; and, olive trees among the vineyards.

Our new 4 star hotel is two part – and, we are in the new location, across the street: a new interior in an ancient building. Haut nouveau design: small, but post-modern elegant. Beige everywhere; grass-cloth walls; taupe gossamer curtains; chrome exotic fixtures in the bathroom. A monk-cell as Armani might have designed it.

May 23

A long ride – made longer by several missed turns: about 40 twisting miles before we reach the lovely medieval 4 star hotel. The room is so elegant (fabric walls, ornate marble trim in doorways…) that I wonder where the harpsichord is hidden.

A visit to Sant’Anastasia – a magnificent church.

statue of young boy

Yet Another city (Verona) of grace, charm – and, centuries of affluence.

May 24

Easier navigation as we travel from Verona to Vicenza.

But, with eating and biking and eating and chattering, not much time to Blog.

Pictures eventually…

Joy with empty coffee cup

swans in Lake Garda

a rainbow from the town square